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Minor Illness or Injury
Behavioral Consultation
Hospice Counseling
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Dr. Pooler now offers virtual appointments to existing clients. Using technology to communicate and to visualize the patient may be an alternative to a hands-on physical examination.

state of Maine, dog , cat

Minor Illness, Injury

Many illnesses and minor injuries can be managed in the comfort of your pet's familiar surroundings. Minor procedures, such as wound repair or abscess management, may be performed at your home. If necessary, sedation and sedation reversal are available to assist in your animal's comfort and safety.

state of Maine, dog, cat

Behavioral Consult

Behavioral problems are often best addressed at home, where the problem may be observed first-hand. Dr. Pooler will create a plan that may include behavior modification tactics, additional training, and supplements/medications when appropriate.

state of Maine, dog, cat


Consultation on hospice care for older or terminally ill pets is provided to educate owners. Dr. Pooler's goal is to help you make your animal's final months, weeks, days as comfortable as possible. She will assist you in evaluating your pet's quality of life, and how to best provide comfort and care.

state of Maine, dog, cat


Humane, dignified euthanasia in the comfort and privacy of your home. This is a difficult time for everyone involved. I hope to make this transition as gentle and peaceful as possible. Animals are more comfortable and less fearful at home, as are their family members. I will take as much time as you need, and in the space you choose. If you elect cremation for your pet I can make the arrangements for you. Ashes to Ashes Pet Crematory serves pet owners statewide; they also offer door to door transportation seven days a week.

state of Maine, dog, cat


COMING SOON! Stay tuned for a new service announcement.

At Home Euthanasia
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